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A few years ago, after starting a new sales and marketing job, I didn’t know where to start on the product I was selling. 

*   There really wasn't a brand 
*   The product had extremely low awareness 
*   It didn’t have a clear direction  
*   It didn’t have high appeal to the target market 
*   We didn’t really have a defined target market at all 
*   And there weren’t any sales or processes in place
*   I didn’t have much of a budget to work with 
*   Basically I was starting from scratch, there was no plan

I don’t know if you have ever been in a position like this, but it wasn’t much fun. Oh ya and my bosses wanted results, fast! So no pressure :)

Dan is a visionary. His ability to see the big picture, interpret leading practices and emerging trends and then apply them in a practical way is an inspiration. Dan’s fusion of marketing expertise, business acumen, and network cultivation approaches makes him particularly effective."
Emily Robson, Coordinator, Arts & Culture at City of Kitchener
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What if I could show you a proven process that you could follow to grow your business? I've put a 2 page "Cheat Sheet" together to get you started. It’s the same system that I developed to get:

*   Free publicity - National, Regional, Local - Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs, TV & Radio                
Created a brand and brand awareness - you can do this too 
*   People calling us - no selling, knocking on doors or cold calling 
*   $150 million dollars in new investment - more leads and sales for you 
*   A 400% increase in tourism sales - double digit growth year over year 

Don’t be intimated by these big numbers. This a system and a process that when followed and implemented works at any scale including a 1 person business and it can work for you. Even on a shoe string budget. Don't get me wrong, it does take work. While I can't promise you the same kind of results I achieved, I know if you apply the formula it will work to grow your business. The 2 page "Cheat Sheet" is a good first step to getting started.

My name is Dan Taylor and I created a 9 Step Marketing Success System that helped me take an relatively unknown product and created huge brand awareness, generated free publicity in national, regional and local newspapers, magazines and blogs, generated dozens of radio and televsion interviews and features and generated year over year double digit increases in sales. 

This is not some theory, this is a tried and tested system that was developed in real time, on the job, using trial and error and gets results in the real world. It’s a universal system that applies to almost any business, it’s not industry specific. It does not require a big budget. Quite the opposite, the formula was developed because budgets were small.

The system isn’t hard to understand or follow. It’s not complicated. Almost anyone can start right away and start getting results.
Dan Taylor, Founder of the 9 Step System for Marketing Success 
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I’ve taken my learning and turned it into an easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to implement step by step system for marketing and sales success. Put the work in and start getting results.

I’ve worked in collaboration with other's on the system, it is repeatable and scalable and I’d like you to have the system too.

The best part? You can have the system "Cheat Sheet" for FREE and you can start right away, most of the steps don’t require a budget or extra people, just an investment in time.

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"Dan is a real visionary who also focuses on getting things done and making things work. His combination of vision with execution / strategy with application is a rare and valuable gift." 
Kevin Stolarick, Director at India Institute of Competitiveness 

When you get the 9 Step Marketing Success System "Cheat Sheet" you’ll:

*   Know how to get started and have a plan of action
*   Know the exact steps to take towards marketing success
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