The silence between the notes makes the music

Silence between the notes

There is a Zen proverb that I just love, it goes like this. “It’s the silence between the notes that makes the music”

When I first heard this I found it so powerful and so insightful and a metaphor for many things in life. If there was no silence between the notes, it would not be called music but noise. Like life and business, we can’t be on all the time. We need the silence between the notes too.

My wife enjoys sprituality and has been exposed to a very simliar idea called “The Space Between”. The idea is that when you make space – take a break, slow down, magic can happen.

It’s the down time or off switch that allows our brain and body to regenerate, to create and to renew. I don’t believe we can be creative or insightful without the space between. I know in my own business I’ve been going full tilt for the last 6 months, which is fine. This past weekend I found myself in a position to want to take a day or two off and decompress. It was my wedding anniversary, I had a small lull in my buisness and I let my wife know that I would be present. I wanted to be present. I was present. It was wonderful.

We had a nice overnight escape and went to a spa for some quiet and relaxation. Now I’m ready to refocus. I’ve been doing well in my business, but I need to refine my focus, further refining how I define and deliver my services, my message and my marketing. I feel ready to do that now.

Some people find the space between daily, with exercise, yoga or mediation. A walk in the woods, or time in a canoe or kayak, bike ride, reading, etc… I meditate most days and exercise regulairly. What’s your space between?

I don’t think it much matters. I think what matters most is that in order for you to make music in your life, you need the silence between the notes. Having just made the silence, I now know I am ready to make some more music and I know its going to be a great tune.

What music are you making and how do you find silence between the notes? Let me know I’d love to hear how you make space.



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