The Power of Intent and a 90 Day Letter to Myself


My new friend Scott Oldford introduced me to the concept of the 90 day letter that you write to yourself. The idea is that you write a letter to yourself about your goals in various areas of your life; health, spirituality, relationships, business, finance, etc… Then you seal it and open it in 90 days to see what happened. Typically, many if not all of your goals or intentions will have been met or exceeded and likely some may not have been met at all and that’s o.k.

I’m not sure it matters, what matters is that you set some intentions and let your focus and or the universe see how your manifestations unfold.

Not one to follow rules very well, I started out with a 90 day letter that I reviewed each day, instead of sealing it. I found 90 days to be too far away for me, so I broke my intentions and goals into 30 day increments. All I can tell you this is powerful stuff. The intentions that I have been the most successful with are daily meditation and my new business growth. While the daily meditation is easy to monitor the impact or results are not.

My business intentions were pretty aggressive for a new start up who is still defining its service offering. So when I set out my goals, I really wasn’t sure how I was going to achieve them. I’m pleased to say coming up on 75 days, I’ve doubled my objectives and had my first 5 figure month of sales.

I share this not to show off, I think of myself as a very small business with very modest sales. Rather I share to celebrate the power of intention and setting goals and keeping focused and applying oneself towards those goals. Even if you don’t follow the rules or perhaps in spite of  not following the rules. Who need rules anyways…

Set your intentions, try a 90 day or 30 day letter to yourself, seal it or review it regularly. Give it a try and see what happens. I’d love to hear what happens, let me know in 30 or 90 days, please. Better yet, if you have ever done an exercise like this let me know how it went now. I would enjoy the share from kindred sprits.


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