The 7 Fundamental Laws of Marketing

Use These Fundamental 7 Laws of Marketing To Generate Leads and Sales To Grow Your Business   In today’s fast-paced world, where everything is changing quickly, it’s nice to know that some things are foundational and fundamental. In other words, … Read More

Mentorship = Doubling Your Chances of Success

Mentorship: How to double your chances of success and improve your business!   Today’s blog is about mentorship and marketing mentorship in particular. Mentorship is a powerful way to secure your businesses success, improve your skills and make some new connections along … Read More

The 5 Best Marketing Tools To Increase Sales

I was recently asked … What are the top 5 marketing tools lean operations can use to save time and money to increase their sales? The following article outlines the 5 tools. It All Starts With Your #1 Business Asset. What do … Read More

It’s Time We Started Celebrating Success!

Wise Words from my Dad My father used to say that nothing succeeds like success. I’ve also heard the expression that nothing exceeds like excess. When it comes to celebrating successes a certain amount of balance is required.   Let’s … Read More

9 Step Marketing System for Sales Success

Simple 9 Step Marketing System for Sales Success or …. How To Transition from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing, Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity and Achieve Double to Triple Digit Growth. Click here to get an outline and a … Read More

Get Free Publicity & Do Great Marketing

I’ve been writing blogs that coincide with each step of my 9 Step Marketing System for Sales Success. The system is focused on getting free publicity and using traditional marketing and transitioning to on-line/digital marketing to achieve double digit sales growth for … Read More

Best Marketing Tools for a Lean Operation

I recently surveyed my community on my Email list and asked them what their marketing and business development priorities were. Their number one question was…. What marketing tools have the most traction for lean operations who don’t have the resources … Read More

Product Development & Promotion

If there is one thing that I’ve learned in my career it is that as marketers, we need to stay relevant, top of mind and we need calls to action. We also need to create things of value that are … Read More

“Unbranding” – A New Approach in a Digital World

Branding – Unbranding: To Be or Not to Be Branding is paramount to how your business, region or destination is perceived. Ideally a little says a lot. Branding can have a lot to do with the success of your business. … Read More

Magic in Mushrooms…Finding Hidden Value

Here is my latest column from The Times, where I examine entrepreneurship in rural Prince Edward County, Ontario. While the column is about people and “place”, I believe many of the stories I write about can happen in most rural communities … Read More