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Dan explains the Creative Rural Economy at a Creative Minds event in Milford, Prince Edward County – Summer 2010.

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BBQ in the winter
image by Stuart Miles

Prince Edward County is a fairly cold, quiet and lonely place in the winter. Recently my wife (marketing consultant) and I (Creative Economy Economic Developer) attended the first of many to come dinner club party’s. Our newly formed dinner club is a great crowd of creative class folks. Our hosts Mark (artisan) & Mary Jane (talent agent), their friend Kent, an artist from Toronto, Fred (a French winemaker) and his lady Jennifer ( a handmade soap entrepreneur), Lino and Manuel (Toronto creative class expats and “Accidental” artisan farmers) got off to a great start. Our friend Michael (chef) was not feeling well and didn’t make it

To beat the winter blues a BBQ summer theme was conveyed.

They have a modest but tuscan feeling homestead with a fabulous brick and timber kitchen. To kick the evening off we enjoyed mahi mahi fish tacos, charcuterie, red wine and olives as an appetizer around the country kitchen island. Dinner progressed to the farm table dinning room and featured a basil and fava bean salad, bbq ribs and chicken (cooked outside in -20 degree weather) and a quasi cassoulet bean mash. My wife finished the dinner service off with a no-dairy tofu inspired key lime pie that was a winner. There was great conversation to be had throughout the evening.

The key creative moment for me though was post dinner. This is a 30 something and 40ish crowd and they still like to party and dance. Not too many dance clubs in Picton, none:-(  really so Kent via our hosts’ mac and napster music subscription service spontaneously and on the fly put together an 80’s DJ inspired music list, then broadcast it to the impressive full sounding wireless speakers and voila the kitchen was turned into a post dinner dance club.

I was really impressed with the spontaneity of it all and innovation of turning the kitchen into a dance club in the absence of dance options in our charming but dance option lacking Creative Rural Economy.

Stay tuned for my next dance report on Prom Night