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Chapter 1 Teaser – Creative Rural Economy

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What on earth is a Creative Rural Economy?

Dan explains the Creative Rural Economy at a Creative Minds event in Milford, Prince Edward County – Summer 2010.

A Sign of a Creative Rural Economy

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Bohemian Serves Barack Obama

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Economic Ecosystem…

Economic Ecosystem…in a Creative Rural Economy edging towards sustainability can come from within and trading goods and services with each other in our own communities. Dan talks about how his local economy exhibits Economic Ecosystem Traits. What do you think? … Read More

The Creative Economy Live and in Action!

The Creative Economy Live and in Action! Steve Purtelle -Pub Owner, Music Man, Talent Empressario and Music Label Man ! What do you think?

digital Connectivity
photo by phanlop88

I am a huge cheerleader for the Creative Rural Economy. Diversifying our seasonal agriculture and tourism based economy to include year round, high growth, higher wage opportunities primarily derived from the new economy.

A few weeks ago I along with our local CFDC had a promising meeting with a High Definition Television distribution company who has a long standing relationship with a local HD production company.

When we first met them they spent 15 minutes pitching us on why they should be in Prince Edward County, then went on to say that they needed help convincing their board of directors, making a solid financial business case, possibly obtaining grants and overcoming connectivity (high speed) issues.

The second meeting at their office indicated that they were poised for a big expansion including exporting globally and that they could either do it in Toronto or Prince Edward County. If they did it in the county connecting to the high speed fibre option pipeline at sizeable capacity would be the key issue of go or no go. If we could help them with that, other issues would likely be less daunting. The net result could be to establish a Creative Rural Economy Centre of Excellence focused on cutting edge digital television production in a rural area.

A third meeting indicated a greater opportunity including a Creative Digital Enterprise, with creative jobs and content development.

The immediate benefit would be 36 to 40 jobs with a payroll of approximately $2.5 million. The much larger impact would be the catalyst to take our emerging digital cluster to a much higher level of critical mass driven by access to technology, high speed fibre optics and a deeper pool of skilled human capital.

Getting “there” will be no easy feat, but we are going to do everything we can to overcome both some of the technology issues and capital issues. Wish us luck that our hard work will pay off.


“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”

From the Archives: This Blog was originally published in 2010 I was speaking at an Economic Development Conference on the Creative Economy recently and I likened my role and other Economic Developer’s roles as that of an electrician. Our job … Read More

Peta Hall Prince Edward County ArtistLast summer at our Creative Minds networking event all 100 plus people in attendance learned of a fascinating expression. Peta Hall a creative driving force in Prince Edward County was a recipient of one of our Creative Minds honours.

Upon receipt, she shared her enthusiasm and appreciation for being honoured with the expression that she felt better than having her bum in butter. Apparently this is a British expression. Basically, as you can imagine, having your bum in butter feels quite good!

I am so thankful for learning of this classic and Creative Minds appropriate expression. I hope to initiate in the not too distant future a Bum in Butter trophy and award in honour of Peta and the wonderful expression she shared with us.

Do you have any interesting and unual expressions you care to share? I would love to hear about them.

Creative Minds – Networking the Creative Economy

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