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Community & Collaboration = Rural Prosperity

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This is my first guest blog from Treat Hull (but had to post it as a second one due to some timing issues)  – Thanks Treat!

As a recent immigrant (3-1/2 years) to Prince Edward County, I am sometimes asked by my friends back in the city about the biggest change I experience.

There are the obvious things, like no traffic and fresh produce. I don’t want to suggest for a minute that these aren’t important to me, but the change I value the most is a little less obvious.

I am not certain whether it’s a unique attribute of the County or a feature of small communities in general, but this is probably the first time in my adult life where I feel genuinely connected to the community where I live.

I am no hermit or recluse and I have been part of many, varied communities where I felt included. But in the past, these were always “special interest communities”, clubs I belonged to or firms I worked for. I never really had a strong sense of membership in the community where I lived.

It may be self-delusion, but living in the County I have a strong sense of community membership. I think there are several other people who would notice and share my pleasure if something good happened in my life, or share my disappointment if something bad happened.

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