I recently learned about National Pig Day and Cochon 555. As a rural Economic Development Officer in a region of gastronomy I couldn’t help but think of what a wonderful promotion opportunity this could be. I tweeted my local gourmet hot dog proprietor Andrew MacKenzie at Buddha Dog and asked him if he would would entertain doing something for National Pig Day. They currently specialize in all beef locally grown ‘haute’ dogs.

He got in touch with the abattoir that makes his dogs and let me know that he was planning on honouring National Pig Day in all three of his locations (Toronto, Collingwood and Picton – Ontario) with a Tamworth Breed

Hot Dog, their first ever!

This all happened via twitter and a phone call within a matter of a day or two! We are going to try and figure out how to support him and promote National Pig Day in Prince Edward County. Next year we hope to be the first international (and Rural) location for Cochon 555 a culinary event featuring 5 Pigs, 5 Chefs and 5 Wineries and one cause.

Cheers to National Pig Day, the speed of Social Media and the Creative Rural Economy. Oink Oink.

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