Brown Bag Lunch
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I recently started a Social Media Brown Bag lunch & learn meeting every Friday. So far people in attendance are from local economic development, local businesses, local

and provincial tourism, and local theatre.

My goal is to develop a culture of using social media with key folks like those listed above and others and create a culture of coordination. After our last meeting I realized that in a soft and gentle way we are building community as well. In order to be truly effective and promote our community we should also collectively be singing from the same song sheet.

We just had our best meeting yet and are already starting to get in tune. I say that because we are learning this stuff together and we had some great learning and sharing experiences- breakthroughs really that I can see are going to make a big difference in how we promote #PrinceEdwardCounty. Currently we are focusing on twitter as a topic of discussion and learning the basics like the meaning of the @ and # symbols and how to use them period and then how to use them effectively.

The outcome of this meeting was a collective better understanding of the medium, specific coordination tactics and an understanding of how we can begin to link our collective messages together. The added bonus was some serious networking and partnership promotion opportunities with #MapleInTheCounty and @OntarioCulinary

There are a lot more people we would like at the table, and we have a lot more to learn. We are however getting off to a good start and I can really see how these informal sessions of information exchange are starting to unofficially enhance coordination and build both a culture of using social media and a culture of community building in a very soft and gentle way.

If you are from or ever near Prince Edward County, Ontario we host these meetings every Friday for an hour starting at 12:30 at 280 Main Street, Picton on the 2nd floor in the main boardroom, bring your own brown bag lunch 🙂 and join us

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