Motivational, Engaging, Innovative, Inspiring, Creative!

Unlocking Potential … Converting Ideas into Action!
Dan is an engaging, entertaining and thought provoking speaker who helps your audience see things differently. He shares his story of positive community and economic change and transformation achieved through applied innovative and creative thinking.

Themed Talks Dan has a selection of themed talks including his new one on Unlocking Potential, he can also customize a talk on request.

“New” Keynote Unlocking Potential – Seeing what other people don’t see and realizing the vision! In this new presentation, I talk about perspective and discovery. Literally and metaphorically seeing what other people don’t see and then turning that vision into a reality and the reality into a success!




4 min. video.

35 min. video.
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Unbranding: A New Approach for Place Branding

How to strategically build your place brand and create the narrative to have the media tell your story for you. I’ll share how story line development, media engagement and relationship building resulted in taking minuscule budgets and turned them into multi-million dollar efforts creating significant and tangible results. (Video link for sure)

The Magic Formula for Tourism Development

Are you looking for a system or a process to follow in order to build your tourism region? Along my journey I discovered 7 Steps to magically transform your community into a highly successful tourism destination.

The Creative Economy

Today’s Engine For Growth: Capitalizing on the Creative Economy and Knowledge Worker Boom. Creative economy workers are people who are paid to think, they are well paid, drive innovation make up a third of the labour force and will drive economic value added growth in your economy. Learn how to harness this powerful economic opportunity and make sure you grow your market share of creative workers.

The Jobs Explosion in Entrepreneurship!

Does your community want jobs? Why and how to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem – This is where 80% of all job growth are coming from! Learn how to get in on the opportunity to grow your entrepreneurial economy.

Gastronomy and Local Food

Creating an Appetite for Success: Leveraging your local agricultural and culinary assets as an economic driver. Capitalize on this growing trend and learn how to carve your unique niche to stand out above the crowd.

Agriculture & Rural The Yin to Urban’s Yang

Rural is just as important is Urban – perhaps even more so, learn about rural – urban interdependencies and how to take rural and agricultural assets and leverage them for growth in an ever urbanizing landscape.

Custom Talks

Dan’s marketing, community building and economic development knowledge is deep and his and tool kit is extensive. Need a marketing or community economic development talk. Ask Dan, chances are he can help.