I’ve learned, tested and tried a lot of things over my 3 decade career.
I certainly don’t know everything, I do know about many things that
do work.

Workshops, Seminars and Training Sessions
In the short term I’ve created themed learning modules and lessons that are available to individuals, organizations and groups for half day, full day and multi-day personal training sessions.

Live Webinars
Some of my content is suitable and adaptable to live webinar format and available upon request.


Menu of Skills Training Topics:

Strategic Economic Development

• 11 steps towards economic development success
The Creative Economy: Understanding, defining and leveraging the growth potential of the innovation and knowledge worker based economy.
The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Unlocking the power of this job creating engine. 80% of all new jobs come from start ups 5 years and under. Learn about key benchmarks, how to asses your ecosystem and how to build a supportive and robust support system to build your economy.
Collaboration and Partnerships: Uncover the keys to successful economic development. This course will cover how to best work with various levels of government, councils, and boards. Stakeholder and community communications and relationship building increases the success of your economic development work learn how best t develop strategies and implement tactics including consensus building for key decision making.

Investment Readiness:
• Foreign Direct Investment: The why, the who, the what, the how and the where.
• Site Selection Process: Getting market ready and focused on packing the right information for consideration and competitiveness.


• Low cost ways to create significant awareness, marketing leverage through public relations. How to get free advertising and lots of it on an ongoing basis.
Place Branding: Branding / Unbranding™: How and when to brand and when to take a soft branding or unbranding approach and how to make it work. Discover the key elements of unbranding and how to use them effectively.
• 7 Strategies for raising money for community and economic development projects. How to increase budgets and raise money for community and economic development projects.
Social media basics: This course will discuss the how’s and why’s of social media and review the key platforms.
Product Development: What is it, when to use it and how to do it well.


• Tourism & Agri-Tourism Development, Including “Dan’s Seven Step Magic Formula
• Rural & Agricultural Development
• BR&E Re-imagined (Business Retention & Expansion) A refreshed approach to retention and helping businesses expand
• Downtown Revitalization


• Cultural Development: The fundamentals, what is cultural development, why would you do it and key process required.
• Incubation the next wave: A private sector lead model that has unlimited potential for growth
• Performance Measures / Key Performance Indicators / Public Scorecard. Transparency 2.0 and how to navigate the art of not overpraising and udnerdeliverging.
• Action / Working Groups – How to set up, engage and empower individuals and groups to grow your capacity and effectiveness
• Turn arounds – how to turn around an initiative, project, economy, organization and more.

Product, Cluster and Supply Chain Development:
• The W5 (Who, What, When Where and Why) plus the how to develop products (investment product, trails, events, etc…) clusters, and supply chains.