With 3 decades of private sector marketing experience with fortune 500 clients and community economic development work, I have a wealth of knowledge and depth of expertise that can help people, business, communities and economies grow.

I am particularly well known for my work in Prince Edward County, Ontario where I helped waken a somewhat sleepy rural economy and shift its fortunes to become “The Gastronomic Capital of Ontario”, “Ontario’s’ Fastest Growing Wine Region” and arguably a global model on how to brand and build a vibrant Creative Rural Economy.

I am available to take on select action oriented projects for businesses, community groups and economic development organizations.
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My main interest and passion for business is marketing. While I am a well rounded business person and well schooled in finance, operations, sales and marketing, My focus is to help people, business and communities with their growth challenges through a sales and marketing approach.


I have a decade and a half of local, regional and community economic development experience working with individuals, groups, associations and not for profits. I’ve provided advice, expertise, mentorship, guidance and plain old hard work to get projects and initiatives off the ground and up and running.

Municipalities, Regions, Government

My 15 years of municipal government, local and regional economic development and dealings with international trade offices experience in rural, small town, urban and global environments has provided me with great experience and perspective on how to tackle the challenges being faced today. I excel at gleaning insight into economic development challenges, then developing creative, innovative and dynamic solutions that actually work and create growth.

Menu of Expertise

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a vast array of projects over my career. Because of the project diversity they are not that easy to explain or illustrate in a single statement. Below is fairly comprehensive list of topics in which I have expertise in.

Strategic Economic Development:
• Economic Development 101: The Core Work and ABC’s of Economic Development
• Economic Development 2.0: The Creative Economy – Helping to understand, define and leverage the growth potential of the innovation and knowledge worker based economy.
• Economic Development 3.0: The Entrepreneurial Economy – Unlocking the power of this job creating engine. 80% of all new jobs come from start ups 5 years and under.
• Collaboration and Partnerships: The key to successful economic development work.
• Government / Council / Board Relations: Communications and relationship building increases the success of your economic development work.
• Foreign Direct Investment: The why, the who, the how and the where.
• Site Selection Process: Getting market ready and focused on packing the right information for consideration and competitiveness.

• Marketing Leverage Through Public Relations: How to get free advertising and lots of it on an ongoing basis.
• Branding / Unbranding* (TM symbol everywhere this appears): How and when to brand and when to take a soft branding or unbranding approach and how to make it work. Understanding Unbranding and defining its key elements and steps required to be successful.
• Raising Funds: How to increase budgets and raise money for community and economic development projects.
• Social Media Basics: a new users guide to how best approach and implement social media.
• Product Development: What is it, when to use it and how to do it well.

• Tourism Development
• Agri-Tourism and best practices.
• Rural & Agricultural Development
• BR&E Re-imagined (Business Retention & Expansion) A refreshed approach to retention and helping businesses expand
• Downtown Revitalization

• Cultural Development
• Incubation the next wave: A private sector lead model that has unlimited potential for growth
• Performance Measures / Key Performance Indicators / Public Scorecard
• Consensus building for key decision making
• Action / Working Groups – Cultural Round Table
• Turn arounds – how to turn around an initiative/project, economy, organization and more.

Product and Supply Chain Development

I have developed investment and experiential products as well as many Sector/Cluster / Supply Chains:
• Wine Region
• Local Beer
• Artisan Cheese
• Regional Cuisine / Gastronomy / Culinary Tourism Region
• Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
• Cultural Development
• Trail Development
• Event Development
• Branded Networking Events – Creative Minds / Creative Cocktail
• Advanced Manufacturing (Drop down/More)
• Aerospace
• Green Energy / Nuclear
• Clean Tech Water
• Sector/Cluster Investment Education Forums
• Sector/Cluster Investment Education Forums 2.0: Using n-line webinar education based community marketing for greater reach, efficiency and effectiveness