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Gain: gain, gagner, bénéfice, profit, acquisition, avantage, remporter, gain de transmission. gift: cadeau, don. grace: grâce, charme. hope: espoir, espérer, espère, espèrent, espères, espérez, espérons, espérance, souhaiter, souhaitons, souhaitez. live: vivre, vivez, vivent, vivons, vis, habiter, demeurer, habite, habitent, habites, habitons. lord: seigneur, monsieur. owes: doit. sons: fils. stretch: tendre, étirer, étendre, allongement, s'étendre, s'étirer. throw: jeter, jet, lancer, projeter, course, lancement.

Noise: bruit, bruit de fond, tapage, souffle. stable: écurie, stable, étable, ferme. straight: droit, direct, directement, tout droit, franc, ligne droite, honnête, rectiligne. strike: grève, frapper, heurter, toucher, forer, battre, saisir, rencontrer, s'allumer, atteindre, parvenir. wherefore: pourquoi. 54 All's Well That Ends Well CLOWN. % HELENA. If she be very well, what does she ail that she's not very well? CLOWN. Truly, she's very well indeed, but for two things. HELENA. What two things?

Skill: habileté, compétence, adresse. stars: étoiles. stay: séjour, rester, restons, restent, restes, restez, reste, étai, hauban, demeurer, séjourner. success: succès, prospérité, aboutissement, gain, réussite. sure: sûr, certain, assuré. thee: toi, te, vous. thou: tu, vous, toi. thy: ton. William Shakespeare 27 ACT II SCENE 1. PARIS. % [Flourish. ] KING. Farewell, young lord; these war-like principles Do not throw from you:--and you, my lord, farewell;-Share the advice betwixt you; if both gain all, The gift doth stretch itself as 'tis received, And is enough for both.

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