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By Nina Kiriki Hoffman

The LaZelle relations of southern California has a mystery: they could do magic. genuine magic. As undefined, a LaZelle undergoes "the Transition"--a critical ailment that would both kill him or depart him with magical powers. If he's fortunate, he earnings a expertise like shape-changing or wish-granting. If he's unfortunate, he by no means stories Transition. If he's specifically unfortunate, he undergoes Transition past due, which raises his possibilities of demise. And if he survives, he'll endure the weight of a gloomy, risky magic: the power to solid basically curses. And curse he needs to, for while a LaZelle doesn't use his magic, it kills him.In Nina Kiriki Hoffman's A Fistful of Sky, Gypsum LaZelle is exclusive between her brothers and sisters: she has no longer passed through Transition. She resigns herself to an earthly, magic-bereft lifestyles as a school pupil. Then one weekend, while her relations leaves her domestic on my own, she turns into gravely ill... --Cynthia Ward

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