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"A Crash path in Mathematica" is a compact creation to this system Mathematica, that's time-honored in arithmetic, in addition to within the average and engineering sciences.

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2). The function that does this for us, FindRoot, demands that the equation (or the expression whose roots are being sought) be the first argument and that a list with the variable and the initial value be the second. In[108):= Out[108)= FindRoot [Log[x] {x ~ 1. 30828} == Cot [x], {x, 1}] 57 The Basics A different initial value may deliver a different solution. 76512} Note that the solution found by the numerical algorithm does not need to be the closest to the starting value. Here we use expressions instead of equations.

Mathematica contains a useful feature for working with formulas: a selection is enlarged hierarchically by repeatedly clicking on it. • Palettes The menu File> Palettes contains some useful pre-defined palettes. AlgebraicManipulation: this is a compilation of several often-used functions for the algebraic manipulation of formulas, such as the expansion and factoring of polynomials and the simplification of expressions. Clicking the button on the palette automatically applies the function to the selection in the notebook, evaluating "on location".

The result is the list of the three substitutions. 54 Part 1 In[97]:= Out[97]= x / • threeSolutions {- ~ - 1 -3 + 1 -3+ 1 -{33 1/3 -3(19-333) , -{33 1/3 3(19-333) 4 2 (l+I-{3) -{33 3(19-333) 1 (l-I-{3) (19-3 1/3 +"6 -{33 1/3 33) , 1 -{33 1/3 } + - (1 + I-{3) (19-333) -{33 1/3 6 3(19-333) 2 (l-I-{3) Let us verify the solution. In[98]:= Simplify[x" 3 + x" 2 - x + 1 == 0 /. ' was reached. Increasing the value of $MaxExtraPrecision may help resolve the uncertainty. ' was reached. Increasing the value of $MaxExtraPrecision may help resolve the uncertainty.

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