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There should be few textbooks of arithmetic as recognized as Hardy's natural arithmetic. seeing that its book in 1908, it's been a vintage paintings to which successive generations of budding mathematicians have became in the beginning in their undergraduate classes. In its pages, Hardy combines the passion of a missionary with the rigor of a purist in his exposition of the basic principles of the differential and indispensable calculus, of the homes of countless sequence and of alternative issues related to the concept of restrict.

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That is, a Young tableau stands for a (formal) linear combination of permutations of d objects. In our case, these objects will be certain tensor indices. For the sake of simplicity of notation we will identify a Young tableau with the group algebra element it defines. A Young tableau consisting of a single row denotes the sum of all permutations of the indices in this row. For example, using cycle notation, a2 c 1 c 2 = e + (a2 c1 ) + (c1 c2 ) + (c2 a2 ) + (a2 c1 c2 ) + (c2 c1 a2 ). This is an element in the group algebra of the group of permutations of the indices a2 , c1 and c2 (or any superset).

En be a basis of Tx M and complete it with a unit normal vector u =: e0 to a basis of V . Then on one hand n n g(ei , ej )∇ei xa ∇ej xb = i,j=0 g(ei , ej )∇ei xa ∇ej xb + ∇u xa ∇u xb i,j=1 = g αβ ∇α xa ∇β xb + ua ub . On the other hand, choosing the standard basis of V instead, the left hand side is just g ab . This proves the lemma, remarking that u = x if M is not flat. 5) where g¯ := g ab − ua ub . In all other cases we have ¯α N βγ = g b 2 d 1 − x b 2 x d 1 S a 1 a 2 b 1 b 2 S c 1 c 2 d 1 d 2 x a 1 x a 2 x c1 ∇ α x b 1 ∇ β x d 2 ∇ γ x c 2 + g b 1 c2 − x b 1 x c 2 S a 1 a 2 b 1 b 2 S c 1 c 2 d 1 d 2 x a 1 x a 2 x c 1 ∇ α x d 1 ∇ β x b 2 ∇ γ x d 2 .

41), this yields ˜c d c d g b2 d 1 Ra1 b 1 a2 b2 R 1 1 2 2 1 72 a1 a2 c 1 c 2 b1 d2 + 1 144 b1 a 1 a 2 c 1 c 2 d2 x a 1 x a 2 x c 1 x c2 v b 1 w d 2 = 0. 52 1 The foundation: the algebraic integrability conditions As before, we can replace the Young symmetrisers acting on upper indices by their corresponding adjoints acting on the corresponding lower indices: 1 72 a1 a2 c 1 c 2 b1 d2 + 1 144 b1 a 1 a 2 c 1 c 2 d2 ˜c d c d g b2 d 1 Ra1 b 1 a2 b2 R 1 1 2 2 xa1 xa2 xc1 xc2 v b1 wd2 = 0. 43) in any five indices is zero.

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