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She was supposed to show guests into the drawing-room, upstairs, and here was one popping into somewhere quite different without even taking his coat off. Scrooge noticed the girl's almost tearful distress and smiled at her reassuringly. ‘It's all right. ' He turned the handle of the dining-room and stepped inside. As he entered the room, Fred and his wife Deborah turned to face him. And at once, to Scrooge's relief, Fred's features revealed genuine pleasure. 'Why, Uncle,’ he said, coming forward with his hand outstretched.

It was clear even to an old bachelor like Scrooge that much thought had gone into her choice of dress. Care had been needed to select something which showed off her figure to advantage while not emphasizing that there was quite a lot of it. And the young lady had succeeded admirably. Melanie, Deborah's other sister, was a couple of years younger, and definitely slimmer than either of her kin. A little later two familiar faces were admitted: the Reverend Mr Bannister and his wife. It turned out that Mrs Bannister was aunt to Deborah (and the two other sisters).

He asked. 'No, not really. ' 'Very well.... If I might make a suggestion, perhaps we should begin with porridge, and then a boiled egg. Followed by toast and coffee. That sound all right to you? 'Cor! ' Mr Montini turned away, bawling out the order to Mrs Montini, who was never seen but lurked somewhere in the kitchen. While he and Billy were waiting, Scrooge took the opportunity to examine the boy more closely. He could not remember ever before having taken any notice of someone as poor as Billy.

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