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Extra info for 3D object recognition: Representation and matching

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Follow the timing chart – each time completing the next half-way drawing. 15 is half way between 13 and 17. Drawing 9 is half way between 1 and 13, etc. You’ve done all the animation necessary between animation drawing 17 and animation drawing 29 (where the ball is bouncing on singles), so the only other timing chart to do is between animation drawing 29 (the drawing formally known as key drawing 12) and animation drawing 57 (key drawing 13). Once you’ve completed your in-between drawings, capture them with your line tester, following the instructions below.

Open up your 3D-computer program and take out the ‘balldrop’ animation drawings and the related x-sheet (or have a look at the illustration below). Create a ball. 1 of your 2D animation. Set a key position. Move the Timeslider/Frameslider to frame 9 and position the ball as in drawing number 9 (the second key position). Copy each of the key positions from your animation onto the computer in this way and setting a key at the key positions of your drawn animation. avi in animations001, chapter001 of the CD-ROM).

21. 21. The X in the chart shows that the distance has been divided into three. 15. This is the breakdown drawing. 11. 17. 21. 19. 21. There is no drawing at the position X. 13. 11. 17. Make sure the ball follows the arc through the sequence. When you have completed all the drawings have a go at flipping them. Pick up all the drawings you’ve animated with the first number at the bottom and the last at the top. Hold them up with the right hand and flip with the left. Finally shoot the sequence with the line tester to see accurately how the animation moves.

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