Micropolitan Manifesto – How to Revive Small Cities!

Micropolitan, really? Yes, really. It’s a statistical word but the opportunity is to bring it alive and have it equate to prosperity!

Edge Cities. The New Economic Frontier in North America.

Through my Peterborough Economic Development  lens here’s my take is this. Micropolitan means small city and rural blend, an edge city, an edgy city with a rural fringe. Edge as in on the edge of a larger city, in my case Toronto. An edgy city as in a small city has to fight for its right to exist in many ways, perhaps clinging on to an industrial past with all the rust belt fall out that comes with that.

A survival city, one that’s not going to give up. A revival city because what other choice is there than to “git ‘er done”, get at it  and get on with the business of rebuilding prosperity. An edge city with rural and agricultural roots which brings credence to the notion of being, buying and living local, not because it is de rigueur but because that’s the way it is, it just makes sense.

In our case we’ve got edge, tats & piercings, real music, gritty venues, local brews, real people, organic farmers, farmers’ markets, committed chefs, arts, culture and much, much more.

Via my friend Jamey Coughlin who has Peterborough family connections I was introduced to the Micropolitan Manifesto. It’s a highly visual and visceral slide show. It won’t take time to view and I believe it’s worth every minute of your attention if you are in an edge city like me and  looking for ideas, solutions and inspiration on the way forward.

Enjoy and click here. Comments and feedback are welcome no encouraged!

Brief Background & Bio
As economic development officer, I pioneered the practice of Creative Rural Economy, Economic Development in Prince Edward County, Ontario for 10 years starting in 2001. Now as the President and CEO of the Greater Peterborough Economic Development Commission and the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster my role has expanded to include both urban and rural creative economy work. I have a keen interest in the economics of urban-rural interdependence. I also speak regularly to groups, organizations and conferences in order to help them grow their economies, in Canada and abroad.

Want to Hear More?
I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise to help others on developing Creative Economies – Rural, Small Town & City. To book me for speaking engagements, facilitation, workshops and more click here or email here.




  1. Katie McCaskey


    Thank you for sharing the Micropolitan Manifesto, I really appreciate it! It’s been a catalyst to meet a lot of interesting people across the country and Canada. I’ve followed up with more posts at my site.

    Also, I really enjoyed reading and sharing your “10 Tips Connecting Creative Economy and Municipal Cultural Planning” – thanks!


    • cre80300

      My pleasure Katie, great to meet you great to spread the word and share the wealth. As mentioned the Manifesto has influenced how we are going to visually and strategically brand Peterborough! Kudos’ to you.

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