Mentorship = Doubling Your Chances of Success

Mentorship: How to double your chances of success and improve your business!


Today’s blog is about mentorship and marketing mentorship in particular. Mentorship is a powerful way to secure your businesses success, improve your skills and make some new connections along the way.





Why Mentorship?


Do you want to double your chances of success in business? Then get a mentor!

The success rate of mentored small businesses compared to those without a mentor is stunning! 70 percent * of mentored businesses survive more than five years, that’s double the rate for non-mentored small businesses over that same period.

I don’t know about you but I know I’d like to double my chances for success.

A mentor will help you find weaknesses in your business model. This is a key part of growing. Gary Vaynerchuk talks a lot about focusing on your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. A mentor can help.


What is a Mentor?


A mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to those who less experienced, in a particular area, field or endeavor. A mentor is trusted counselor or a guide.


Great Reasons to Get a Mentor


This is a great quote that I think rings really true.

“A great mentor has a knack for making us think we are better than we think we are. They force us to have a good opinion of ourselves, let us know they believe in us. They make us get more out of ourselves, and once we learn how good we really are, we never settle for anything less than our very best”. – The Prometheus Foundation


Here’s another one from a young digital entrepreneur


“It’s very hard to be successful without having a good mentor, it is essential to have someone you can look up to and emulate. Also, a mentor will show you the tricks and pitfalls of the game because they have likely already been around the block.”
Varun Gulati


Top 10 Benefits of Mentorship **


Here is a helpful acronym that I borrowed and added on to.

MMotivates you to accomplish more than you think you can.
EExpects the best of you.
NNever gives up on you or lets you give up on yourself.
TTells you the truth, even when it hurts.
OOccasionally kicks your butt.
RReally cares about you and your success.
SSales, can increase due to support and direction.
HHelps you grow, personally, professional and your business.
IIntrospective. A good mentor helps you reflect and move forward.
PPlanning for performance.

As you can see getting a mentor can be quite helpful for you in your business.


Marketing Mentorship Available for You.


I am a mentor.

My position in the marketplace is as The Marketing Mentor for small business and entrepreneurs.

It’s my mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses like you grow through effective marketing so you can realize your dreams.

I really mean that. I want you to be successful and I want you to see your dreams come true. In my time in economic development, I helped mentor hundreds of businesses and together we grew their businesses and an entire economy.


FREE Marketing Mentorship Available To You.


Here’s what I’m offering and interestingly it all starts with you. You realize that you need help and that you can do better in your business if you get some help. Once you are open to the idea of reaching out that’s where I come in.

We’ll hop on the phone for an introductory 15 -20-minute phone call, click here and you can book that now. We’ll get to know each other a bit and you will outline your challenge or need. I may even challenge you on that. It may or may not be your issue.

That’s part of my role. Then I’ll ask you to do a bit of prep work (put some information together, a brief, weblink, access to some of you materials, etc..) This will allow me to get better prepared to help you.

Then we’ll get on another call within a week. We’ll do a deep dive for about an hour and I’ll follow up with a summary report to help you out.

There’s no selling as part of this mentorship, just help and it’s free.


Continuity: More FREE Mentorship Through My Private Facebook Community


To continue to receive free help and mentoring, you’ll be able to join my FREE Marketing Mentorship Private Facebook page, where we can continue the relationship and I along with a growing community of like-minded marketers, small business owners entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will help you and each other out.


Ready to Get started?


If you’d like to get started, you can book an introductory meeting by clicking right here

I can only take 5 Mentorships at a time. So be patient if you can’t get in right away. They are available on a first come first served basis.


You are invite to Join My Marketing Mentroship Private FB Group. 


To join click here. I’m also offering a curated Marketing Mentorship Private Facebook Page and you are invited to join. This is a space where I will be able to offer ongoing mentorship to you.  As well you will be in good company with like minded small business owners and entrepreneurs. They will also be there and viable to help you



Dan Taylor








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    Excellent read. Clearly articulates the benefits of finding a Mentor.

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