Measuring Success for Maximum Impact

“If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.” Lewis Carroll

This famous quote from Alice in Wonderland certainly says a lot about goals and clear direction. It also speaks to looking back and reflecting upon what one has accomplished.

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I’ve been writing a lot about my Simple 9 Step Marketing System for Sales Success, which focuses on how to transition from traditional to digital marketing, get thousands of dollars of free publicity and achieve double to triple digit growth.

Click here to get an outline and a “Cheat Sheet” of the 9 Steps.

Step Number 7 Is All About Measuring Success.

It goes without saying that measuring activity, results and success is paramount for learning and improving and achieving ones goals.

Make sure you set out key metrics in the planning stage and create ways and means to measure your key performance indicators.

What to Measure?

Let’s review the first 6 Steps in the formula as a place to start. I’ve linked each measure to a blog on each topic to make it easier to refer back to.

  1. Did you decide (on your marketing initiative) and did you start? Check
  2. Did you find collaborators to work with, either internally or externally? Check
  3. Did you establish a plan and did you use my 90 Day-2Week-1Day-25 minute formula to organzine your plan? Check
  4. Unbranding. Did you start the process and implement the Unbranding process?  Check
  5. Did you develop a product, service or promotion in support of your marketing? Check
  6. Did you reach out, establish media relations and pitch stories? Did you implement some of my suggested digital marketing strategies? Check?

A Good Start

If you did this you are off to a good start.

What else to measure?

In general I would measure these key indicators.

  • How many media relationships have you established?
  • How many stories have you pitched?
  • How many were published?
  • What’s the earned media value?
  • Did you include the Unbranding strategy into the pitches?
  • Did you provide a vehicle – your own blog platform to engage unbranding ambassadors?
  • What are the results from your product, service, promotion. Number of attendees, amount of sales, number of leads or other tangible metrics?
  • How did your digital marketing work? Number of new e-mail subscribers, number of clicks on your FB ads, number of conversions, number of sales.

If you need a refresher- Click here to get an outline and a “Cheat Sheet” of the 9 Steps.

Why Measure?

Back to the Alice in Wonderland quote… in your planning you should have laid out some clear goals, that relate to the measures above. It’s important to look at the goals that you have set, look at the action that you have taken and correlate the results.

What to do with your results?

Weather you succeeded or failed doesn’t matter. What matters is that you took action, did something and something happened. You can take a look at your results, gain some insight, learn from those actions and modify new actions accordingly.

Very Important

Did you start, did you try something, how did it go and what did you learn? Did you take that learning and reapply? This is why we measure and this is how we grow.

Best of luck! Let me know how it goes.  Click here to get an outline and a “Cheat Sheet” of the 9 Steps.






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