How to Become a Social Media Superhero!

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Building on a recent blog and a question I was asked by my followers I want share an awesome discovery that I’ve come across. This discovery continues to address the question …

What marketing tools have the most traction for lean operations who don’t have the resources to research and undertake trial and error? What’s the best way to make the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing?

If you use social media like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In specifically then do I have a treat for you! I’ve been an avid user of Hootsuite to manage my social media, which is a fine tool. I mostly use it for Twitter, but you can certainly use it for other social media as well.

I’ve been introduced to a new social media management tool that I’ve now been using for a while and I really like it and I can see massive potential for it for as well. It’s called Edgar. One of the many challenges today with social media is that our reach has been dramatically diminished and in order to effectively reach our audience with content it requires more time to manage your social media accounts …until now …. enter Edgar.

Edgar is a a brilliant social media scheduling tool. It allows you to create a handy at a glance schedule of weekly posts and inventories your posts in a library. Should you choose to do so and you should choose to do so, you can have your posts appear randomly (on a rotating basis) in each social media on the days and times you choose.

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If that wasn’t enough it allows you to categorize your posts by blog, inspirational quotes, tips, single one off posts, etc…

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When is the best time to post?

Edgar also provides helpful tips and tool suggestions such at Tweriod and Facebook Insights to guide you to maximize your reach and impact providing what days and times to post, based on how many and when your followers and friends are on line. It literally helps you take the guess work out of when to post and on what days. Plus once you set up the schedule it runs on autopilot. Then you an monitor and tweak.

Imagine that you have a dozen or so pieces of content, blogs or articles you care to share. Well now you can create a weekly schedule of when and where you want them to appear and Edgar will rotate them for you, have another category you want to add – say humour, go ahead – it’s easy as 1-2-3.

This allows you to schedule once and distribute infinitely, the more content you add the more variety your readers are exposed to. This cuts down on an enormous about of time and gets you more exposure for more of your content. It also keeps your less recent content relevant, exposed and top of mind. Set it up once and Edgar takes care of the rest.

Managing Social Media for Others – Need Reporting?

If you have clients or have an administrative function where you manage more that one person’s / entry’s or account this is also a great tool. Check it out, they have a free trail and I believe the monthly fee is totally worth it. Get it here and let me know what you think.

It also has a great reporting tool tool that tells you how many retweets, shares, etc.. you are getting, so you can monitor its effectiveness too.

I’ve been using it for several months now, and I am throughly delighted. The one draw back is if you what to post an individual article several times. You can do that with Edgar, however I perceive Hootsuite to be a better tool to do that with. I’ll have to play around with it and let you know if that’s actually the case.

As mentioned previously, I think the best way to make the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing is baby steps. Try something new and see how it goes. If you are already on social media and wish to become more active while saving time then this tool is for you. The digital world certainly moves fast and I’m looking at a similar tool to Edgar that may give me more options at a reduced cost. I’ll keep you posted in a future blog.

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