Every 5 Minutes Things Can Change

clockforblogImagine that every 5 minutes things can change. You don’t have to imagine this because it’s true. I’m sure you’ve experienced this many times in your life. Like when you met your significant other, a new baby was born, an accident occurred. You just may not have thought of the idea that things can “change in 5 minutes” in those terms.

If you adapt this mantra and believe in it you will experience changes that can happen in 5 minutes regularly. Especially good changes if that’s where you choose to focus.

After my last post Abundance and Gratitude, I received 3 immediate business contacts. Two of them have new business opportunities attached to them. Had I not written the blog or distributed it on Linked In and Facebook then I would not have been presented with 2 opportunities that day. The third was a friend looking for a business contact. I was able to connect two business friends of mine together and hopefully help them out. That’s the kind of change I  welcome.

While I’m not sure that it is necessary to get out there and do something, I strongly suggest that if you want to experience changes that can happen in 5 minutes that you do something, take some action. Call somebody, send an email, post something on Facebook or LinkedIn, tweet, write a blog, publish something, go out somewhere unusual or out of the norm, bump into people. Just do something.

I can almost guarantee you good things will happen. Just get ready for something to change in 5 minutes.



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As well, I help economic development and tourism based organizations with their marketing. I also help those agencies help their clients. I am available to speak on these topics too. I offer FREE 60 minute strategy sessions help people get started. Just e-mail me or give me a call if you need help.

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