Creative Economy

The Age of Giving & Mentorship

Here is what happens when a talented engineer wants to giveaway his secrets.  In fact he wants to transfer his knowledge on his “universal robot” to youth for a start up and mentorship opportunity. Here is my latest column from The … Read More

The Art of Entrepreneurship

Here is my latest column from The Times, where I examine entrepreneurship in rural Prince Edward County, Ontario. While the column is about people and “place”, I believe many of the stories I write about can happen in rural communities across … Read More

Tourism: A Foundation for “Place” Building

I was recently asked to submit a proposal for a talk at an economic development conference. The submission got me thinking that the topic would make a good blog post. The idea is to think of  tourism as economic development. … Read More

A New and Exciting Chapter

Well, I’ve decided to do it! I’m taking the plunge and focusing all my business efforts on becoming a full time entrepreneur. I just can’t seem to shake the bug, to work for myself and create my own destiny. This … Read More

Chapter 3 Teaser – Market Readiness

Market Readiness Market readiness is a bit of a funny term, which is appropriate since economic development is a bit of a funny business. The reason I say economic development is a funny business is because of its fundamentals. It’s … Read More

Blogging my book outline and crowdsourcing your feedback

I’m going to write a book O.K. I’ve been threatening this for several years and now it’s time. I am going to write a book. Well to start with I am going to blog a book. Actually I am going … Read More

Creative Economy – The Horizontal Sector

Call it “Industry Agnostic” or a “Horizontal Sector”, the chart below illustrates how Creative Occupations and the Creative Economy cuts across all sectors in Ontario. Industry Agnostic In my work in Prince Edward County and now Peterborough an insight came … Read More

3 Phases of the Economy over 10,000 years in two minutes or less.

This history of the economy in many ways is quite simple. The numbers below are approximates and a bit of a mash up taken from several sources to illustrate trends and shifts in our economy. Here’s a brief 10,000 year … Read More

Micropolitan Manifesto – How to Revive Small Cities!

Micropolitan, really? Yes, really. It’s a statistical word but the opportunity is to bring it alive and have it equate to prosperity! Through my Peterborough Economic Development  lens here’s my take is this. Micropolitan means small city and rural blend, … Read More

Moving from the Industrial Age of Control to the Creative Age of Release

Recently, I’ve been listening to some Stephen Covey audio books to help me implement organizational improvements in my new role as CEO at the Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation. While Covey doesn’t specifically refer to the Creative Economy, or Richard … Read More