Abundance and Gratitude

Abundance and Gratitude

I’ve been working a lot on my business this year, I have a coach helping me with my on-line objectives. One of the things he keeps reminding me of is that one’s attitude has a direct impact on one’s business.

Life is often stressful and business can be stressful too. I find the stress can negatively impact my attitude and self talk. It is really important that we all focus on the good things in life and strike a balance if not put those good things at the front of our minds.

I woke up yesterday morning at 4 a.m. with my mind full of thoughts. I often wake up and stay awake. Yesterday morning I thought I would try and meditate myself back to sleep. I chose two words and themes to focus on, abundance and gratitude. These themes have been circling around me for a while.

I feel truly blessed that I have a lot of abundance in my life. I have a beautiful healthy family, wonderful friends, unlimited opportunities and my business is doing better than I thought it would be by this time in my launch – it is significantly ahead of my projections. I am grateful for all I have and the support available to me. I’m even putting myself out there on stage reading original slam poetry. No tomatoes, no boos, some nice finger snapping and some really nice feedback and response.

All this to say if you are like me and you have negative thoughts creeping into the back of your mind or on the front of your forehead or the tip of you tongue, think about all you have to be grateful for and focus on and appreciate the abundance you have in your life.

I believe if we focus on these things, the abundance will continue and grow and we will have even more to be grateful for.


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