Thank-you for your interest and welcome!

Creator, Innovator, Doer, Change Agent.

I’m really excited to be sharing my expertise. I’m busting with enthusiasm to help people, businesses, communities and economies grow. Recently I took the Discover Your Why course by Simon Sinek, and while my “Why” may not be set in stone, I think it’s pretty close.

My Why?

To create the best environment so that I and others feel like we are thriving in our work and
our lives.

This is what I am striving for, for myself and those around me.

I am Really Lucky!

I have a healthy, beautiful family with three beautiful kids, 2 cats, 1 dog and 6 backyard chickens. I also have a beautiful and supportive wife who puts up with me and all my crazy ideas.


My Background.

I grew up in Beaconsfield, Quebec, my father was an entrepreneur and creativity was spoken around the dinner table all the time. My dad’s business was called Creative Marketing Inc. Creativity and entrepreneurship are in my blood. My dad passed away a long time ago, my mom still lives close to where I grew up, I have a younger brother in Montreal and we had a beautiful Irish Setter named Tara as our family dog.

I was fortunate to win some awards along the way.



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Learn more about Dan!

I spent the first decade and a half of my career working in Toronto in the private sector both in entrepreneurial and global advertising and promotional marketing agencies. I learned the ins and outs of creative marketing to help companies grow. My roles included, sales, account management/customer service and strategic marketing.

My search for more meaning in my career – beyond putting Batman on fruit snacks and Bart Simpson on potato chips led me to Prince Edward County to become a grape growing pioneer and an accidental economic developer. I wanted to pursue my wine dream which I did. I grew grapes, made commercial wine and discovered that I excelled at economic development and didn’t have the long term financial appetite for the wine business. We sold the vineyard and I focused on Economic Development which I did for about a decade and a half, starting in Prince Edward County then in Peterborough as President and CEO of Peterborough Economic Development.

Along the way I became a speaker sharing my economic development expertise, a creative rural economy pioneer and economic development innovator. I developed some unique and effective skills and tools that I am continuing to share to help others sharpen their skills up their game as a launch my new business venture based in Prince Edward County. I am now available to help others and to share my experience and expertise.

Things to know about me

Things to know about me:

  • I love fishing, especially in streams for speckled trout. I rarely get out to do this anymore.
  • I love wine, especially Prince Edward County Pinot Noir. I often get to drink wine.
  • I met my beautiful wife at the the Australian “Caravan” pavilion, in Toronto many years ago.
  • I used to be really good at finding free parking spots in the City (Toronto and Montreal) sadly this is a dying art. I did manage one recently though!
  • We used to own a yurt, which acted as our summer cabin.
  • I am an aspiring Slam Poet and just recently performed live for my first time. No reviews yet from the Globe & Mail’s Arts section.
  • Our son named our dog Buddha after a now closed local food gourmet hot dog place called of all things Buddha Dog.
  • I am a foodie and love good food, a little too much maybe.
  • We used to have a boat and our family enjoyed exploring lake Ontario, the 1000 Islands / St. Lawrence River and the Trent and Rideau Canals.
  • I learned to “surf” in the Philippines a couple of years ago, if you can call it that. Well I can stand up and ride a small wave anyway.