Bohemian Serves Barack Obama

Bohemian Serves Barack Obama

or How Our Creative Rural Economy Was Discovered by the Bohemians

25 or so years ago Bill Reddick discovered Prince Edward County. Back them you could find a fixer upper for $20,000, which he did, turned it into his studio and the rest is history.

Bill’s arrival, like many other artists that preceded and followed him signalled the beginnings of our Creative Rural Economy and helped add to our “BoHo” Index as Richard Florida calls it. Bill is a Bo as in bohemian. Bill’s talent combined with our nurturing environment and Quality of Place eventually led him down a path of commissioning dinnerware for our Governor General.

Shortly there after Bill’s magnificent dinnerware served none other than President Barack Obama on his first visit to Canada. Impressive Bill thanks you for gracing our community with your talent.

Interested in the Creative Rural Economy, do you have a story you want to share with me?

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