Enjoy our spirits on the “Kentucky Bourbon Trail”

A wonderful guest blog from Kim Huston, Author Small Town Sexy and the Economic Development Department Director for Bardstown, Kentucky – kimhuston@nceda.net

I am a true believer of trails in marketing destinations. We have several in my area of Kentucky.  The Lincoln Heritage Trail, the Country Music Trail and my favorite the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.  It’s my favorite because in winds around my community of Bardstown, Kentucky which has been given the distinction of being the “Bourbon Capital of the World” with over 75% of all bourbon distilled in my area. Last year while so many tourism attractions were down or flat in attendance, the Bourbon Trail and the distilleries that are included, saw an increase in popularity and a jump in attendance. In addition to seeing how bourbon is made and enjoy tastings at many of the stops, the allure is to the wonderful small towns where these distilleries are located.  Our goal in the next five years is to become known as the Napa Valley of the bourbon industry.  We invite you to come and “Sample our Spirit.”www.visitbardstown.com

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