Build it and They Will Come

There is a lot to be skeptical about regarding this expression. My experience is that when you take a relevant, valuable idea and build a concept – theatre of the mind if you will – something of quality, of value and authentic ‘they’ will indeed come.

My most recent experience happened a few short weeks ago. As a result of creating theatre of the mind, building a concept; the invest in cheese initiative, our group has attracted quite a bit of attention from the media, private label cheese production, new milk supply, industry enthusiasm, criticism and now promotion.

Enter Georgs Kolesnikovs a cheese lover, publisher an event producer and potential cheese partner and promoter of invest in cheese and beyond. Georgs is a cheese enthusiast and publisher of a cheese lovers web-site. He tripped across our invest in cheese web-site and was both impressed and curious. You see Georgs is an incurable publisher an event organizer and promoter if you will. He has this crazy idea to put on a fantastic Canadian cheese festival. He could put it on in the big city like so many other wine & food type events or he could come to the source. He could come to the country side where animals and farms and cheese making facilities are real and authentic.

Arguably he could go anywhere or he could go where there is cheese enthusiasm, cheese activity and cheese interest and cheese authenticity. Well, we are creating this theatre of the mind in our region in Eastern Ontario and this is why Georgs is talking to us, to work with us where we can welcome him and support him in his endeavors. When Georgs is successful in establishing a popular cheese event, we become successful and better known as an area where the cheese industry is growing and prospering.

Georgs has other ideas too, to develop a cheese trail to promote cheese throughout the province. These types of ideas are a perfect fit for our cheese industry investment attraction initiative and we want to see Georgs become successful too. I do not believe he would have approached us if we had not built it… taken an idea, built a concept and said hey we are a place where cheese business can grow and prosper. We have not attracted a new cheese making facility yet, but we have done just about everything else.

It is now only a matter of time, now that we have partners, collaborators a social media strategy and a private sector promoter on our team. I don’t believe anything can stop us now. Build it and they will come, you bet, bring it on we are ready for collaboration, promote and cheese industry growth.

This is the last in a series of blogs focused on a collaboration and cheese theme. More broader topics to follow next.

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