Collaboration can come from the oddest places.

Good Food RevelationI recently met with Malcolm Jolley head digi-foodie of the Good Food Revolution publication/e-zine. I’ve know Malcolm for several years, first as head of Gremolata and now with his new venture. Last week, I wanted to pick his brain and get some feedback about a new communications plan for Prince Edward County that I am collaborating on, so we met at Caffe Doria on Yonge at Roxborough.

Recently our economic development office

joined forces with Taste the County our Destination Marketing Organization to promote Prince Edward County as a great place to Live, Visit and Invest. While not an earth shattering approach, few if any communities package themselves this way when they market their destination or investment attraction. More on this collaborative initiative in a future blog.

This new communications plan is a perfect fit for social media and Good Food Revolution’s social media approach serves as a model for us learn and to borrow from. Malcolm was very generous with his time and forthcoming with what is involved to launch & manage a digital 2.0 publication, editorial considerations, costs, content frequency, blogging and web platforms, staffing and much more.

As a result of our meeting, we will likely become a Good Food Fighter Sponsor, Malcolm and @goodfoodrev may even play an advisory or management role in our development and launch. These developments are a potential and unexpected bonus for him and added value for us as a result of our meeting.

The super bonus for me, besides being able to have a wonderfully cooperative and collaborative meeting, was our cheese discussion. As an aside, I mentioned to Malcolm the invest in cheese project I am part of. We are trying to carve out “our space”, which until that meeting was to become “an authority on cheese”. Our goal was to provide value to our website visitors, drive traffic to the site and ultimately find the “needle in the haystack” cheese making start up investors we are looking for. We always knew this positioning was going to be a challenge, but hadn’t sorted out the issue. Throughout the meeting and conversation it became apparent that the space we should and could own was far narrower are more poignant.

The space we are going to own now is to become “The Authority on Starting up a Cheese Making Facility in Ontario”. As our objective is to attract cheese making start ups and investors in our jurisdiction, what better way to serve the market than to be “The Go To Start Up Resource”?

While this may be obvious, we were having difficulty seeing the forest for the trees even though this position was part of our unarticulated objective. We have our work cut out or us, but I am confident that this position will enhance our ability to attract cheese making start ups in our four counties.

Thanks to a secondary conversation with a collaborator we now have a sharper focus for our cheese initiative (pardon the pun).

Stay tuned as more cheese collaborative stories to follow in the next few blogs.

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